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Article 20+ .htaccess Hacks Every Web Developer Should Know About
Apache's .htaccess(hypertext access) configuration file can be a very powerful tool in a web developer's toolkit if used properly. It can be found...
Views: 1590
Article Wordpress admin security
AuthUserFile /dev/nullAuthGroupFile /dev/nullAuthName "WordPress Admin Access Control"AuthType Basic<LIMIT GET>order deny,allowdeny from all#...
Views: 1481
Article CentOS : Set Hostname SSH command
  The example for setting Hostname of your system. [1] Change hostname. (but if rebooting, it will be back). #...
Views: 1432
Article .htaccess Error Documents configuration
A server reponse code is a three digit number sent by a server to a user in response to a request for a web page or document. They tell the user...
Views: 1371
Article How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?
To downgrade your account, log into the client area and click on Services / My Services. Then click on the View Details button next to your...
Views: 1287

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